We do not offer wildlife services for Rush County, as we are not equipped, have a legal way to relocate them outside the city limits of Rushville, nor have the permits required for many species. See the following options if you are having trouble with nuisance wildlife or have found injured or orphaned wildlife.

Nuisance Wildlife

  • Property owners may remove nuisance wildlife on their own and relocate them to another property WITH THE PERMISSION of the property owner
    • Small, Large, and an Extra Large Live Traps are available to borrow at no cost for Rush County Residents
  • If you are attempting or accidentally trap a skunk, use a white sheet to cover the trap to limit the possibility of startling them and getting a direct hit from spraying
  • Visit the DNR website for more information on how to handle and prevent nuisance wildlife
  • If you are not wanting to remove the wildlife yourself:
    • Tri County Pest Control (website has their info)
    • Tony Yetter: 765-309-7843
      • Won’t handle endangered species
      • Offers rendering services for wildlife, domestic, livestock, and horses
      • operates as far north as Carmel and as far south as Brookville
  • If you are experiencing a problem with wildlife living within a space of your home and you do not want to pay to have someone remove the species or mess with a Live Trap, a One-Way Door device would be a good option. See Animals in Your Attic website for more information.

Injured or Orphaned Wildlife

  • See the following websites for information on injured or orphaned wildlife
  • If you find orphaned wildlife, the best thing you can do for them is to leave them be, more often than not humans interfering when they suspect abandonment does more harm than good