Volunteering is a great way to contribute to an animal shelter. Staff are typically too busy trying to meet all the demands a shelter and animal control department require to spend much quality time with the shelter animals.

We welcome volunteers during the hours staff are on the premises. See our Contact page and refer to the “Phone” hours for staffing hours. We do not require volunteers to sign up or commit to time slots, but to show when convenient for them. This can be a quick stop to give treats on your lunch break or a few hours one afternoon. The doors are locked until 10am daily, so call or knock on the door and let a staff member know you are there to volunteer.

We do ask that any large groups schedule a time with staff so we can make the experience easier for you.

Requirements for Volunteers are:

  • Be 14 years or older, unless accompanied by an adult
  • Sign a waiver, anyone age 14 to 17 years old will need parent signature
  • Able to be respectful of staff, animals, visitors, and other volunteers
  • Remain drug and alcohol free while volunteering, being under the influence places yourself and others at great risk of injury
  • Able to follow directions, our main priority is to keep you safe

Volunteer Jobs:

Walking Dogs is a great way to for you and the dogs to get exercise. The dogs remain in their kennels roughly 23 hours a day, unless a potential adopter is interested in them or volunteers spend time with them. You can walk them along the road in front of the shelter, on the trail through River Park, or talk to us about taking them on a day trip out in the community.

Day Time Doggy Date is a great way to get to know our dogs in a way we can’t at the shelter, show them off to the community, or simply give yourself and them a nice day out. Volunteers would need to confirm with staff which dogs are approved for this type of activity.

Overnight Doggy Date is an even better way to get to know our dogs in a way we can’t at the shelter, show them off to the community and friends, or simply to give yourself a fun activity and them a break from the shelter. This would be similar to fostering, we will provide everything you need to make the visit comfortable and can be up to 3 nights. We do ask that the volunteer be willing to gather and record as much information as possible to help promote the dog to potential adopters. Staff may require that any dogs currently in the volunteer’s home meet the shelter dog first.

Play with a Dog is a wonderful way to get some of the pent up energy out and have the dogs show off some of their funnies and skills. This could be throwing tennis balls or tugging on ropes in our fenced in play yard. If staff is available to help, it could include supervising doggie play groups.

Teach a Trick is a fun way to not only provide enrichment for the dogs, but also help with their adoption promotions. It can be as simple as working on sit and lie down on command, walking nicely on leash, or more advanced and elaborate tricks like stay or give paw.

Enrich the Dogs and Cats while they are in their kennels. We have a lot supplies specifically used for in kennel enrichment. This could include treat hide n seek, Kong filling, cat nip fun, and kitty teasing to name several.

Read or Talk to a Kitty is a great way for the young volunteers to work on those reading or speech skills while the kitties play or nap. Bring a book or a topic to discuss and you are all set!

Scrub a Dub Dog in a Tub keeps those pups smelling fresh, clean, and shiny while they wait patiently for a new home. If you are a nail trim dog whisper, even better! We have all the supplies you would need, but we do suggest wearing clothes you don’t mind getting wet and dirty.

House Keeping keeps the shelter looking and smelling clean. If you like to meditate to laundry, dishes, sweeping and mopping, you have found the right place!

Kennel Help is appreciated by staff, especially on Saturday mornings. All Kennel cleaning is done between 8am and 10am Monday through Saturday, Sundays and Holidays vary with staff schedules. Volunteers can walk dogs, fill water and food bowls, or clean cat kennels. We will teach you what you need to know, but we do ask any volunteers wanting to assist during cleaning, are at least 16 years old and follow directions precisely. It is suggested to schedule time with us ahead of time so we know to expect you and can address any schedule changes.

Event Help is a appreciated by staff so we don’t have to spend unnecessary money on overtime or if it is a large event that simply needs more than 3 staff members to pull it off. Check our Event page for upcoming events.

Spay/Neuter Transport is a very time consuming task for us. If you have a vehicle that can transport 1 to 2 dogs OR up to 10 cat travel carriers we could really use your help! Travel would be to/from New Castle or Greenfield, roughly a 35 minute drive one way. Drop off would be 6:30 am for cats and 8:30 am for dogs. Pick up would occur between 6:30 and 8 pm for cats and 3 and 4 pm for dogs. Cats are roughly sent for spay/neuter 2 times a month, typically on a Tuesday and Dogs are scheduled 2 to 7 days out in advance. Contact us if you are interested in being a dependable Spay/Neuter Transport Volunteer!