Return to Owner Policy

Our goal is to return all stray animals to their owners, but to also enforce ordinances that address animals running at large. We understand that mistakes or an unforeseen escapes happen so our return to owner policy reflects this.

All animals leaving our facility to be returned to their owner are required to be microchipped. This ensures any future adventures your pet makes they can be returned to you as quickly as possible. For more information on the benefits see Microchips.

The Return to Owner Policy refers to within a 12 month period

First Offense:

Owner picks up within 24 hours and has a microchip $0

Owner picks up within 24 hours and no microchip $10

Starting at 24 hours $25 plus $10 microchip if applicable

Starting at 48 hours $25 plus $10 microchip plus $5 boarding

Second Offense:

Owner picks up within 24 hours $50

Starting at 24 hours $50 plus $5 boarding

Starting at 48 hours $50 plus $10 boarding

Third Offense:

Owner picks up within 24 hours $75

Starting at 24 hours $75 plus $5 boarding

Starting at 48 hours $75 plus $10 boarding

Written Citation Warning

Fourth Offense:

The animal is confiscated and the owner loses ownership rights

Citation Given

*As required by Indiana State Law, proof of Rabies Vaccine in the form of the veterinarian signed Rabies Certificate is required within 7 days of returned to owner, failure to comply will result in a citation

All strays are held for 3 days (72 hours). Beginning at 72 hours the animal is evaluated for adoption, rescue or euthanasia. If the owner wants to claim their animal after the 72 hours and the animal has been placed for adoption, the owner will be required to pay the appropriate above fees and the full adoption fee. Any attempt to be fraudulent about the ownership of the animal to avoid all applicable fees will be subjected to a citation.

Days the shelter is closed is counted towards the hold period. If an owner CALLS and leaves a VOICEMAIL during closed hours, it is assumed that had the shelter been open the owner would have claimed their animal and consideration will be made towards the hold period and fees.

If the owner is not interested in claiming their animal, please let us know. We do not charge to surrender an animal and doing so shortens the time the animal stays at our shelter and also increases their chance of adoption with the information that can be provided about that individual animal.