Return Policy

We encourage all of our adopters to first seek out assistance with a problem before returning the pet to the shelter.

  • Call, email, message us if you have questions on how to handle problems
  • Speak to a veterinarian, they are typically happy to discuss behavior problems along with medical problems – sometimes the underlining problem is medical


In the event an adoption simply doesn’t work out you are welcome to bring the pet back to us, although we do not require you to do so, no matter if you live outside our county or not.

We do encourage adopters to seek out other shelters/rescues first before bringing the animal back to us. Since we are such a small shelter with limited resources, we find that some animals will benefit more from an opportunity with a larger facility with far more resources available to them.

You are also welcome to attempt to rehome the pet on your own. Please be careful and keep your and pet’s safety a priority.


We are unable to offer refunds for the adoption fee. We will however offer a voucher for the adoption fee you paid if the pet is returned to us within 2 weeks from the adoption date. The voucher can be used towards any paid services we offer or adoption.