Meet the Staff

Kasey Hanna – Director

Kasey joined the Rushville Animal Shelter in May of 2018 and has been a wonderful asset to the department. Her experience includes a lifetime of experience with live stock and her love of all animals. She is a Rush County native and with that she brings the knowledge and experience of the local community.

In March 2020 Kasey moved from Assistant Director to Director. She stepped into this role with 2 years of experience working directly with Tabitha on meeting the vision and goals of the shelter. She will continue to work with Tabitha on maintaining what we have accomplished so far and the goals of future shelter and public programs.

Tabitha Cottrell – Assistant Director

Tabitha moved to Rushville in May 2018 from Indianapolis with her husband, three kids, two dogs and two cats. She is originally from Franklin, Indiana and lived most of her adult life in Indianapolis. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and four years of experience working for the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

Her vision for the Rushville Animal Shelter and Animal Control Department is to have a clean and welcoming shelter that has programs in place that help the community and the shelter animals, to have an efficient and dependable animal control department, to operate the shelter and department efficiently and with financial responsibility, and to continue to learn and grow with the community.

Change will be embraced and appreciated, as we can not grow with out it. But with change takes time and patience. Although fixing all that is broken overnight is desired, it is not always possible.

In March 2020 Tabitha step down as Director to Assistant Director in a part time status in order to be more available to her family. She will continue to work with Kasey on the vision created together in the last 2 years.

Bart Cottrell – Animal Care Assistant

Bart joined our team in July 2020 as a primary Kennel Attendant. He comes in each each day before the sun rises to clean kennels, feed animals, wash laundry and dishes, and complete tasks as requested so that everyone else can focus on all other tasks that are required to run an animal shelter.

Christy Cleland – Animal Care Assistant

Christy joined our team in September 2020 to primarily help with adoptions, intakes, kennel enrichment, and animal control related calls.