Home Trial Program

*All puppies under the age of 4 months are excluded from the home trial option*

Potential adopters have the opportunity to do a 3 day home trial prior to making the decision to adopt. Reasons to consider doing a home trial:

  • This is your first time taking on the responsibility of a pet
  • Not all family members (including cats and dogs) are able to meet the pet prior to adoption
  • Make sure a new dog and a current dog will get along, even if a dog introduction at the shelter went well
  • See if you and the pet connect
  • Determine if the pet meets your needs, such as energy and vocal level, training, etc.
  • Have the pet checked out by a veterinarian before committing to known or unknown medical problems

Home trials are always recommended and in some cases the staff will require a home trail on a case by case situation. Although dogs are better suited for the 3 day home trial, cats can benefit too.

Home Trials cost nothing and the only requirement is your identification and a signature of a home trial agreement.