Barn Cat Program

There are times when cats enter our shelter who don’t meet the ideal house cat criteria. In an attempt to avoid euthanasia of perfectly healthy cats who would be perfectly happy in an outdoor environment we have a Barn Cat Program.

Cats who are deemed “Barn Cat” by us do not have an adoption fee. They will be altered and receive state mandatory rabies vaccines at minimum.  We do not send out cats who appear unhealthy/sick, but we can not guarantee this as the majority of these type of cats can not be touched safely.

If you are interested in donating financially to this program to help with spay and neuter of these types of cats, please see our Donating Money page. Your donation can be designated specifically to Barn Cats, please let us know if this is what you intend on your donation to be used for, otherwise it will go into our general spay/neuter or donation funds. It costs $45 per cat to receive spay/neuter, a 3 year Rabies vaccine, a flea preventative and a left ear tip.

The only requirements to adopt a Barn Cat is they can not reside within the City of Rushville limits and it is the adopter’s responsibility to make sure they are abiding by their own local ordinances.

For more information on outdoor cats:

To find out what Barn Cats we have available, contact us. We also like to keep a list of people on hand who wouldn’t mind us giving them a call when we take in a Barn Cat who can be immediately placed to avoid taking up precious kennel space or adding additional stress to the cat. If interested in being on this list, provide your address and any requirements you have in the comment section, such as only males and/or a number of cats total you are willing to take.