Kitten Season

We are quickly approaching “kitten season” and are going to need your help! Kitten season typically begins as early as March and finally dwindles in late fall. This is the period of time cats go into heat, become pregnant up to 3 times, and produce on average 5 kittens PER LITTER (that’s 15 more cats added to our community from 1 mother!)

Last summer we had 50 kittens under the age of 4 months housed at the same time in our tiny cat room that can only comfortably accommodate 25 cats/kittens. Adoptions for cats are difficult to come by and the more cats that are housed together at one time increases the risk of illness and euthanasia due to illness.

Here is how you can help! If you have an outdoor cat, get them spayed ASAP! If you are feeding cats you are considered the owner and will need to take on the responsibility of ownership, including vaccinations and spay/neuter. If you are unable to care for your cat or the community cats, bring them to us ASAP! We currently have plenty of room and the ability to accommodate cats before they start reproducing.

If your cat has or you come across a litter of kittens, we prefer them to either enter the shelter with their mom or be between 6 and 8 weeks of age, but we will take them in regardless as they have a fighting chance going through us than left to become feral (not friendly) by being left outside.

By stepping up as a responsible owner, feeder, and community member; you will save more lives before they start!

To surrender friendly and easy to handle cats, simply bring them by during our visiting hours. We only require you to be a Rush County resident and there is no cost to surrender owned or stray pets! See our visiting hours here: Visiting Hours

If the cats are not very friendly and need to be trapped: call us to set up a trap service appointment where we set, check, and pickup or you can set your own trap and bring the cats by during visiting hours.

For spay/neuter and vaccine options see here: Veterinarians and ClinicsCat overpopulation image

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